Water in diesel (or gasoline), attention danger!

A diesel engine does not like water! The injection pump, a precision mechanics does not support this liquid. But what is the water doing in our diesel? How did it happen? How to get rid of it? And especially how to guard against it? All the answers to avoid the disaster.

Where does the water come from in the fuel?

  • Filling bad fuel. Sometimes the diesel used to refuel already contains water, this is particularly the case of the bottom of some ports, especially those who do not have a high traffic.
  • Tank vent that lets in air during the season or a drip cap with a damaged rubber seal. It lets spray or rain water from the bridge.
  • Condensation in the tank due to temperature differences. This phenomenon is amplifying in regions with high daily temperature variations.

How is water annoying?

  • An injector or the injection pump of a diesel engine are high precision mechanical parts. Water in the diesel can create rust spots that will permanently damage them.
  • The water in the diesel is stored in the bottom of the tank (the water is heavier than the fuel). It brings oxygen that promotes the development of microorganisms that develop by feeding on diesel fuel. These bacteria create waste (excrement), leave brown filaments, which colonize the fuel circuit, clog and corrode it

How to avoid the water in the tank?

Start with prevention. Without water in the tank, no development of bacteria and problems.

  • Check the quality of the gas oil served at the pump. Avoid the bottoms of the ports. We can start by filling a small transparent tank. Very quickly, if there is water, it settles in the bottom.
  • Always leave your tank full, especially during the winter season.Thus there is less air in the tank, limiting the phenomenon of condensation.
  • Add an antibacterial treatment with each full. The product, delivered with a pod, mixes with fuel and prevents bacteria from living. The investment is really minimal compared to the replacement of an injection pump. Indeed, the treatment returns on average less than 2 euro cents per liter. We recommend the Bact Fuel from Matt Chem for its verified effectiveness.

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