Gasoline Manufacturing: Petroleum Processing from Well to Pump

Before arriving at our gas stations, the oil underwent several transformations as well as a long process. From the extraction of oil to the pump, return on all stages that allow the manufacture of gasoline, diesel, LPG but also fuel oil.

After the first stage of extraction and transportation to the refinery, comes the stage of petroleum refining . This is the most complex phase of gasoline manufacturing .

The crude oil is first heated in an oven, before being sent to a distillation column. Due to the difference in boiling temperature of the materials that make up the oil, different components can be collected:

  • Light products at the top (LPG, essences);
  • Intermediate products in the middle (diesel);
  • Heavy products at the bottom (fuel oil).

After this stage of oil processing , we get more heavy products than we need to meet the needs of the market. Heavy hydrocarbons are then modified by breaking their molecules in order to obtain lighter products, such as for example diesel, which is much needed on the European market.

The various refined products are then improved to meet the requirements of a specific regulation. The goal is also to reduce the impact of these products on the environment: the sulfur is thus eliminated to avoid any unnecessary pollution.

Once ready, the products obtained are sent to the depot, enriched with biofuels when the regulations so provide, and transported by tanker trucks to the underground tanks of the service station. You can serve yourself!

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